Work with me

Work with me



Wake up your true potential, unfuck yourself and get spectacular in your life.


Do you need a breakthrough in your life, not in the future but now? Want to jumpstart your career? Do you feel drawn to express yourself through the arts, lifestyle and culture? Do you have multiple talents and passions that you wish you could integrate into your career? You want the freedom of being your own boss, but also care about the community around you? Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel, furiously churning your way through life but somehow going nowhere? Do you have lots of ideas for businesses and creative projects, but you don’t know where to start? Have a scientific mindset, but are also interested in spirituality?

This sounds like we would get along! If you are a creative who is committed to making a real living doing work that matters, then I have just what you need. My goal is to help you feel empowered to value your unique talents as high value so you can create a life doing what you love.  

There are two ways to work with me:

If you seek for a powerful dose of radical clarity and momentum, then a 1-day intensive is just what you need. Ask yourself, when was it the last time you gave yourself a full day of focused time to answer the most important questions in your life and career? To be fully supported in making the big decision that lead to lasting change? To create a vision for your work and life that is tailored to your unique circumstances?

If you prefer hourly-based sessions, organized around your daily schedule, then this option could be the best for you. An advising session is generally between 30 – 60 minutes. Advising sessions can be via Phone, Skype and Chat and are a super powerful and incredibly effective alternative to meeting in person: as we can connect no matter where you are. 80% of my coaching is done by phone, skype or a chat app and my clients love it as there is no need to travel. You can pick up your cell phone and connect when you need to.

For your comfort, feel free to contact me for a pre-5 minute chat before committing to a advising session or day. I will not deliver my advising in this short chat, though. 

Clients have achieved the following after advising for their career and private lives:

Defining a business model without burning out. Launching a blog or website they had been “meaning to” create for years. Fully claiming their identity and worth as creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. Reduction of inner negative forces that are an obstacle for being their best higher self. Designing new private perspectives after parting from their significant others and increasing personal confidence and optimism. New insights about family members leading to an improved relationships between them. Overcoming traumatic memories that have haunted them for years.

Clients have seen intense breakthroughs in their private lives too after having had business advising sessions. Your experience will be as unique as you are.