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Our biggest successes are born

out of discomfort, uncertainty and risk. 


Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to receive an offer to be coached, advised or have a speaker request. For your comfort, feel free to contact me for a 5 minute chat before committing to a session (hourly base) or an intensive coaching day. My sessions take either place in person (Munich) or via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime. 80% of my clients decide for a virtual meeting as they do not need to travel. Working languages: German, English and French.

I look forward to hearing from you via email to falkenberg @!

You tell me where you want to go: 

What happens in our session is focused on your agenda, your needs and your vision. Start by telling me where you want to go and I will help  you get there. 

Why coaching works: 

It shifts your doubts or limiting beliefs. It focuses on your needs and strengths. It spurs action. It is targeted to your situation. It empowers you, is fun, exciting and very powerful!

Even if you don’t have a specific issue …

Yes of course, you can use a coach to optimize your life and reach life mastery. Advising is a lot about performance and success. Problem solving is only a fraction of what we can do. Gaining more power in various forms to achieve anything you want is actually the core goal!

As your coach, I commit myself to…

Be professional. Respect your boundaries. Respect total confidentiality. Be a positive evolutionary agent for your life. Create a safe and clear space. Respect timing and appointments. Do everything I can to have the best possible sessions with you. Act in total accordance to my personal code of ethics.