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Uncertainty is where new happens.


Growing up, following the success path  

I grew up close to the Bavarian Alps in a small village, spending most of my time out with my brothers playing hockey and climbing up trees. I was raised by my mother who taught me to never let my ambitions be limited by any means. As a little girl, I had the big dreams to travel abroad, to discover the rest of the world, to write, paint and draw. Above all, I wanted to find a career where I could bring a positive change. Some people around me considered my ambitions unlikely. Thankfully, I never believed those people. Neither career success nor economic security was a given for me. My life taught me an important life lesson: “If I believe in myself and my creativity, resilience and determination, I will get far in life”. And far I got. For me, education was my route to a good job and the self-empowered life I wanted to live. I finished law school in 8 semesters, shorter than the usual 9 semesters. And I got the grades to secure a place at my dream university, Sorbonne, for another Masters degree while still working on my Ph.D. degree in international environmental law. Actually, I jumped though academic hoop after hoop, lived in Paris, New York and London and won prestigious grants and internships. I believed that hard work and sacrifices would be lead to a great job and a happy lifestyle. That is, what success was supposed to look like, I thought.

Realizing all my ambitions disclosed a surprise to me  

In my twenties, I was on top of realizing all my ambitions. I was working on education, for trade and economic policy in an international governmental organization in Paris where I had the honor to represent my country abroad. This was only topped by when I embarked upon on an international position at a major investment bank in Frankfurt, followed by a M&A position for one of the largest M&A departments in Europe as a cross-border operating project manager. My career trajectory looked perfect on paper, and yet – there was something missing: I was not fulfilled by the life I had worked so hard to create. In truth, I had always had “too many” interests to be satisfied by doing just one thing in my life exclusively. I have genuine passions for painting, photography, writing, psychology, philosophy, learning, health, business and politics. As a child, being good in many things was promising me unlimited opportunities, but as an adult it sometimes felt more of a burden than a gift. No job would ever provide me with the full satisfaction for my “multi-passionate” personality. This realization suddenly freed me deep inside.






Design your own life.


I stopped searching for “the” job that would finally provides me with the life I wanted, and instead took responsibility for creating the life I want to live 

Today, I do have various jobs, all fulfilling another of my passions: I am leading the NGO Stella Enabling Education, founded my own art business, am working as an international project manager and am coaching. During my formation as a coach, I fell in love with this unique way of working, where I could use my intuition and professional experience to help people reach their full potential with the strategies I had used myself to reach my own goals in the past. My commercial insights serve my clients in building their own businesses or designing their career paths with precision and confidence. Today, I am delighted to do exactly the kind of work where I am valued for being myself. I have the privilege of bringing positive change to people’s lives, as well as the resources to spend on the passions and people I love.

Thank you for reading my story. I’m very happy you stopped by and I look forward to connecting with you.
With love,