About me

About me







In order to improve your internal world,

you have to start taking action in the external world.

Get out of your mind, and into your life. 


Who am I?  

I am a certified Career Coach and Business Strategist with expertise in international project management, economic negotiation and intercultural communication. As a project manager with more than 15 years of experience in business and government negotiations I bring a broad knowledge of economic, political, cultural and technological developments to my work. I have also been part of the founding group of a corporate internal coaching network that is, as of today, has more than 180 coaches to empower women in their career paths. I draw on my varied experience and personal insight to enable clients to create careers, businesses and most importantly, private lives that are aligned with their values and bring their highest form of expression of their skills and talents.

What I am not?  

I am not perfect and I live my life the best I can. Of course, I do also have my flaws and you are surely better in certain areas than I am. All I can do is to offer you hints and insights to help you get back in your truth and your center.

My background?  

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich: First Legal State Exam * Freistaat Bayern: Second Legal State Exam * Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne: Master of Laws (LL.M.) * Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg: Doctor of Law (Ph.D.) * London School of Economics (LSE): UK Business Law * Center International de Formation Européenne: European Politics * Bavarian Health Department: Naturopath for Psychotherapy („Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“) * Other formations as e.g. certified High Fly Yoga Teacher, Reiki, Art of Sacred Touch, Color & Art Therapy, Energy Work

International Venture Capital, Business Development and M&A (mainly digitalization) for a large cooperation * Cross-border M&A for an international operating cooperation with projects in Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Denmark, Spain & more * Fund management for a private investment fund with US assets * Investment Banking for a worldwide operating bank with focus on Eastern Europe * Business development and strategy for a German IT startup * Economic negotiations for international operating law firms * Industry policy and trade negotiations for the German government * Speaker for various events * Co-Founder of an international network of coaches leveraging the internal resources of a large cooperation * Founder of NGO Stella Enabling Education: www.stella-enabling-education.org to empower non-privileged women and young children * Creative expression through photography, writing and painting as an artist: www.corinna-rosa.com

Working languages: German, English and French * Lived abroad for more than 7 years in Paris, London, New York and Bali * Travelled to more than 70 countries * Happiest when working 1:1 with inspiring clients ….  and dancing barefoot in nature!